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Dasara Official Trailer Download: The movie credits for this particular film read as follows: Produced by Sudhakar Cherukuri on SLV Cinemas Banner, with direction from Srikanth Odela and production by Sudhakar Cherukuri.

The music for the film was composed by Santhosh Narayanan, and the Director of Photography (DOP) was Sathyan Sooryan ISC. The movie was also produced by Sudhakar Cherukuri.

The editing was done by Navin Nooli, while the production design was handled by Avinash Kolla.

The stunts for the film were choreographed by Real Satish and Anbariv. Overall, this film boasts an impressive team of talented individuals who worked together to create a captivating cinematic experience.

From the producer to the director, composer, DOP, editor, production designer, and stunt coordinators, each played a crucial role in bringing this movie to life.

With such an impressive crew, it’s no wonder that the film was a success and left a lasting impact on audiences.

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Title Dasara Trailer
Updated Time Mar 14, 2023
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Dasara Official Trailer Status Video



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Keerthy Suresh Dasara Trailer Video Download

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Dasara Telugu Movie Trailer Full Screen Video


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