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The Kerala Story is a film set in Kerala and follows the story of a young boy who is on a quest to find his alibi. With the help of the people of the land, he embarks on a journey through a kingdom full of natural beauty to find his sister, where he faces many challenges and obstacles.

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The Kerala Story Story

The Kerala Story Movie’ is a new story that tracks the journey of a young woman, which begins with her aspiration to become Narasimha and is then inducted as a terrorist by ISIS terrorists. This film is the story of a Muslim woman, who has been misled by religious fanatics and included in their cause.

Cutting to the edge of the knot, the main character faces a host of challenges – from the power of becoming a terrorist to the trauma of being posted in Afghanistan. He also has troubles with his friends, some of his friends have also gone through the presence of such fate.

The film aims to raise some important questions about justice, religion, and humanity. Will there be justice for women? Will the crime committed against the main character be known? Will she bring it to India? Will his family ever be happy?

‘The Kerala Story’ is an emotional and thought-provoking film that delves into the dangers of terrorism and digs into the power of dedication and hope. This film is a must-watch for those who want to understand the complexity of religious fundamentalism and how it affects people’s lives.

The Kerala Story Cast

Movie NameReal Name
Shalini UnnikrishnanAdah Sharma
NimahAdah Sharma
AsifaSonia Balani
GeetanjaliSiddhi Idnani


What is the main focus of “The Kerala Story”?

The main focus of “The Kerala Story” is the journey of a young Muslim woman who starts blessed to be Narasimha, but gets caught up in ISIS terrorism and eventually becomes a terrorist herself.

What is the problem with the main character in the movie?

The main character is faced with different problems, such as the allure and power of terrorism, the painful experience in Afghanistan, and his friends who are also cheering his fate.

What is the main theme in the movie?

The theme of the film is on subjects like religion, justice, and humanity. Ismay raises important questions for the main character such as the search for justice, the exposure of the crime committed against him, his possible return to India, and the hope of happiness in his family.

Will there be justice for women in the film?

The film attempts to raise questions of justice for women, but the given paragraph does not elaborate on the consequences and resolution towards the main character and other women.

How does the film deal with the threats of terrorism and religious extremism?

“The Kerala Story” reveals the dangers of terrorism, where the main character’s journey from hope to terrorism and the problems and traces associated with it are understood. The film also tries to understand the serious impact of religious extremism on social life and aims to throw light on its complexities.